• Marketing, Finance and Operations

    Online Global Marketing in 2018

    2 HOURS

    As in the US, businesses around the world are adjusting their marketing practices to accommodate new technologies and changing consumer tastes. This workshop will look at markets outside the United States to explore differences in marketing, what ecommerce and social media platforms are emerging and how block chain and cryptocurrencies are changing data security and payments. Note: the content of this workshop will be tailored to individual company needs.

    Keeping Your Company And Yourself Out of Trouble

    1 HOUR

    Executives can unwittingly run afoul of US government laws and regulations (export controls, anti-bribery, prohibited persons, tax, etc.). The EU has regulations on privacy and anti-trust that are stricter than US laws. Mistakes in these areas can cost corporations millions in fines and even expose executives to jail time. Learn what you need to be aware of and tips to demonstrate compliance.

    New Technologies Changing International Finance Operations and Strategies

    1 HOUR

    Traditional finance is being disrupted by new technologies like cryptocurrencies and crowdsourcing (equity and debt). More importantly, many of these technologies are being more rapidly adapted outside the US. This class will help senior executives evaluate which of these new technologies fit with their companies and how to adapt them into corporate operations.

    Minimizing Risk in International Transactions

    1 HOUR

    Fear of not getting paid and shifting exchange rates cause many companies to shy away from cross-border transactions. There are many mechanisms to lay off payments risk and to minimize foreign exchange fluctuations. This class is useful for the rising executive to learn about basic concepts.

    Setting Up Overseas Offices or Subsidiaries

    2 HOURS

    So, your business is expanding in a country? At what point, do you have an office? This class will go through the legal, tax and HR issues involved with setting up an office and options to successfully launching the operation.

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