• Cross-Cultural SKills

    Cross Cultural Negotiating

    3 HOURS

    This is the pro-level for anyone involved with negotiations. The class takes you step by step in learning how to be a successful negotiator around the globe. The class covers:

    • analyzing how cultures differ and how to approach those differences
    • identifying cultural cues you need to factor into your strategy
    • creating a checklist before you go into the negotiation
    • using an interpreter and dealing with language differences
    • role playing in a mock negotiation (tailored to your specific company needs)

    Building & Managing Cross-Cultural Teams

    1 HOUR

    What global skills should you look for when hiring employees? How do you manage different business styles in other countries into your corporate culture? How do you manage tensions in a team with different cultural backgrounds? This class sets out a framework to analyze these difficult challenges and helps you formulate strategies that work in your company and corporate culture.

    Global Business Etiquette and Protocol

    1 HOUR

    Do you know which fork to use? When to shake hands or when to bow? This class is for executives that travel to multiple countries or rising executives that want to know how the rules of the game. Customs differ widely by country and we will tailor the content of the class to the countries that you specify.

    The Global Corporation and How It Differs from Companies That Happen to Import or Export

    1 HOUR

    Compared to domestic companies, truly global companies develop different products differently, hire different teams, market their products differently and grow more rapidly. Learn how your company can transform itself.

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