• Global TRENDS

    Five Trends That Will Shape Our Futures in Business, Technology, Demographics, and Economics

    1 HOUR

    Everyone talks about emerging technologies, but did you know that 98% of the data that has ever been created has been so during only the past two years? As autonomous vehicles become a reality, the job title with the greatest number of workers in California is driver. What does this mean for the future of jobs, the structure of our economy and social stability. You might be surprised who the global winner could be.

    The EU and the UK After Brexit

    1 HOUR

    What is the Future of European Markets? (1 Hr.) It’s been more than a year since the surprising Brexit vote. In the near term, markets on the continent and in the UK are recovering but long term prospects are mixed. This class will look at implications for sales and investment in both the EU region and the UK.

    Asia - Shifting Economic Centers

    1 HOUR

    Asia’s economies are increasingly split among mature economies (Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea and soon China) and fast growing developing economies (Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other smaller economies). Unlike the previous three decades, you can’t bet on just one leader in Asia. This class looks at the leading economies and suggests strategies (tailored for your specific company) to implement a successful Asian strategy.

    Latin America - Surprising Economic and Social Changes Underpinning Long Term Growth

    1 HOUR

    After a slow start following the Great Recession, Latin America (exception of Venezuela) is enjoying overall good economic growth. In addition to rising middle classes, the region is also making great strides in education. This creates new markets for exports and investments.

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