• Executive master class in

    international business

    insights your team needs to succeed

  • training for successful global deals

    The executive Master Class in International Business Gives you The Competitive Edge

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    minimizE risk on

    international deals

    The Master Classes present best (and latest) practices in marketing and finance that keeps your company a step ahead of the competition.


    The classes also give you tips on how to keep from running afoul of US and foreign government laws and regulations.




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    Understand the big picture to identify opportunities

    In depth business intelligence is critical in our fast changing business world. Yet executive face a fire hose of data on a daily basis. How do you separate the signal from the noise? These classes focus on the trends that you won't find in your newsfeed and will provide insights into global market opportunities.




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    BE A PRO AT International

    Negotiations and Team Management

    At some point, every business person in international business will find her/himself in a negotiation. The Master Class will give you a framework and tips so that you won't be taken advantage of during the process.


    Similarly, the Master Class gives you insights into how to work with and manage employees of differing cultures. Learn how to use the diversity to create great teams.


  • custom training for your business

    We tailor each class to your individual company needs. We get to the point and give you the information to succeed. We can accommodate individual sessions or small groups. Each session is designed to be interactive and allow for maximum learning. At the end, you will receive a short checklist of takeaways and useful links.

  • How It Works


    Choose Your Class

    Look at the courses offered. Let us know if you have special interests so we can tailor the class to your needs.


    choose your time

    Contact us to set the time and place for the class.



    The Executive Master Class in International Business awards a certificate in International Business Management to those who complete 10 hours of courses.

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