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Welcome to the executive master class in international business!

Your Source for International Business Know-how to Improve Your ROI on Global Deals

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Welcome to the Executive Master Class in Global Business! I created this platform for executives with the goal of keeping their global business knowhow at the cutting edge. New technologies are driving the evolution of business at a faster and faster pace. Companies that are doing selling globally the way they did five or ten years ago are falling behind.

Consider the following:

  • Blockchain technology is not just for Bitcoin. With its distributed ledger approach, it is being applied to logistics operations, increasing the ability to track shipments and cut costs. And once the shipment is complete, it can make the payments virtually instantaneous. If a supplier asked you to incorporate blockchain into your operations, would you know what to do?
  • 90% of all the data that has been created has been so in just the LAST TWO YEARS! We are being inundated as IOT takes off. Do you know the implications of privacy laws in other countries?  Facebook is now on the hot seat because it has not kept the kinds of strict controls that required in the UK and the European Union. Is your company doing enough in this area?
  • Mobile commerce is becoming the norm, even for B2B transactions. Internet access in Europe is fast approaching 100% when smart phones are factored in. By 2020, China expects that virtually all transactions will be digital. India, according to a recent survey, has the greatest percentage of people (87%) in the world who say they internet access is essential in their daily life. The country already has 200 million social media users. Is your company ready to do cross-border M-commerce?

The Executive Master Class fills a void in providing training and education for executives. The topics we cover are not taught in B-school and there is no other service that provides customized global business know-how on your schedule.

Look at the tabs on our course offerings and let’s schedule the time for the customized class for your team.